Professional, Cost Effective Prototypes for Sheet Metal Parts & Assemblies

Rapid 3-Day Prototypes

Get High Quality, Quick Turn Around sheet metal parts in as short a lead time as 2-3 Business days. Our Rapid Prototyping capabilities are perfect for when you need your parts, fast. Using our skilled engineering team and First1 system we can typically go from design to product in as little as two to five business days.

After prototyping, our engineers ensure that your part is designed for optimal manufacturability and can start production seamlessly.

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Complex Prototypes & Assemblies

We specialize in complex sheet metal prototypes and assemblies. Work with our talented engineering team to develop and manufacture your assembly faster than you could ever imagine. We provide cost effective, high quality prototypes that transition seamlessly to production. Our value-added services include electro-mechanical assembly and testing. With our extensive capabilities you can develop and manufacture your product under one roof.

ISO 9001:2015 Registered Made in the USA

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